Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Redeeming Lainey Teaser #3

It's Teaser Tuesday again! Last week, I posted the synopsis for this book. I've updated Goodreads with the new information, and will continue to do so as I get more information. I'm about halfway through my edits right now, and will hopefully finish the first round by the weekend. I'll let you know when I finish.  I'm glad so many of you are excited to read this book. It's like a weight off my shoulder. (I'm still terrified for you to read this book though!)

I decided to create a small picture for the teaser this week. This teaser is written from Lainey's perspective.

This is unedited and subject to change before publication.

Redeeming Lainey
Coming Spring 2014

Here is the song teaser for this week too: Wherever You Go by Sleeperstar


  1. Do you have a specific age for which this book is intended for, because I am only 13 and I really like your books and I would like to read this one, but I don't read books with mature adult contents, especially in the romance category. Wait, is this a romance book with mature adult contents, or does it just have to do with the depression, abuse, cancer things you mentioned in your previous posts?

    1. I don't have a specific age intended for this book. I think it just depends on the maturity of the reader. It's not mature because of the romance. The romance is pretty PG. I'm saying that it's a mature YA novel because of the darker subject matter. There are a few curse words in the story, but that's just because of the age of the characters and what they are going through during the span on the novel. I'm still labeling it as a YA novel, because it is relatively clean compared to many NA novels, but is does deal with some tough subject matter. My sister is about your age, and she's going to read the book before I publish it. I will let you know what she says about it when that happens!

  2. Ok, thank you! : )


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