Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Redeeming Lainey Teaser #4

I'm sorry I didn't post a teaser for Redeeming Lainey last week. I was in one of those "I don't want to read or edit anymore, so I'm not going to" moods. Every time I tried editing, I got annoyed at everything wrong, so I had to step away for a little bit. THEN, my college schedule got a little crazy, so I didn't have time to actually edit when I finally got past my funk. THEN, I forgot what day it was, so I didm't post one for Teaser Tuesday like I was supposed to yesterday.

Because of the weather recently, I've been spending a lot of time indoors. (The weather's not really an excuse. I spend a lot of time indoors no matter the weather.) I was able to finish another round of edits. Also, I saw the first draft of the cover, and I absolutely love it. It's so pretty. Ahh. *squeals from excitement* Anyway, here is a teaser for Redeeming Lainey. 

This is a conversation between Lainey and Bryce--the two main characters of this novel. 

This is unedited and subject to change before publication.

“I don’t get how with everything happening, you won’t talk with anyone. You used to always talk to me. I used to be the person you would come to when you needed to talk over something.”
“Time has changed since then,” I state. “I don’t talk to people. I deal with my problems on my own.” Without saying anything, Bryce reaches forward and pulls me toward him. When I feel his arm wrap around me, I tense. Besides Mom, no one has voluntarily hugged me.
“Stop trying to run away and just let me help you,” he whispers, resting his chin on top of my head. When I feel his hand move through my hair, I try to push away from him, but he tightens his arms around me. “Lainey, let me be your umbrella. Let me bare this storm with you. Let me block out the rain and keep you dry. I want to be here. For once in your life, just let someone help you. Let me help you.”
This GIF is really funny if you add your own narration. Haha
Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? 

That's all I have for you right now. I hope you liked the teaser! Now, I have to go study for my Botany and Cell Biology exams. :) 


  1. It's so sweet! And the gif is super adorable!

  2. can't wait to read this book!! Totally love the gif!!!!!!!!

  3. I starting to love the characters:)the gig was funny with narration


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